Announcement of TRONscription Market Launch on APENFT and Commencement of the Phase I of nfts Inscription Minting

2 min readMar 9, 2024

Dear Users:

APENFT will launch the TRONscription Market and simultaneously commence the first phase of nfts inscription minting on March 10, 2024, at 20:30 (GMT+8).

The TRONscription Marketplace is an independent section of the APENFT Marketplace dedicated to inscriptions. It is a marketplace for inscriptions on the TRON network, integrating functions such as deployment, minting, and trading.

nfts is the first TRC-20 token under the TRONscription protocol on the TRON network, and it is the first redeemable inscription. It has inherent value from its inception and can be transferred and traded on the TRONscription Market.

The relevant information for the commencement of nfts minting in this phase is as follows:

Additionally, users participating in the first phase of nfts inscription minting on the TRONscription Marketplace will receive benefits including but not limited to the following:

  • Exchange nfts for $NFT tokens
  • Users who successfully mint in the phase I will be added to the whitelist for subsequent events
  • Users with high rankings in the secondary market trading of nfts will be added to the whitelist for subsequent events
  • Get APENFT Marketplace Launchpad whitelist
  • Get invitation codes for the official version of TRON Friend
  • Get access to the whitelist for creating rooms in TRON Friend
  • Get Hero NFT and Equipment Gift Packages from WIN NFT HERO

You can check out the nfts minting guide before the TRONscription market launches: TRONscription Marketplace nfts Minting Guide

About nfts minting gas fee:

The official subsidized gas fee for nfts mints, the first 5,000 mints per day will only require a small amount of gas fee for minting.

To avoid congestion during the event, you can pre-stake TRX in your TronLink wallet to obtain energy or lease energy on JustLend, reducing the gas fee cost for minting. For related tutorials, please refer to: How to Stake or Lease for Energy

If you need assistance, please contact the community administrators.

Thank you for your support of APENFT!


March 9, 2024


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