TRONscription Marketplace nfts Minting Guide

2 min readMar 9, 2024
  1. Go to and click on “connect” in the upper right corner to link to the TronLink wallet and sign.

2. Click “nfts” at the top of the page to redirect to the mint page and click “TRONscribe Now” to start minting.

3. Once you have started the mint, wait for the wallet to pop up and check the amount of 80 million $NFT to be paid, then click “Sign to Approve”.

4. After the wallet pop-up, click “Sign” to complete the mint.

Note: If you have staked TRX in TronLink or rented energy from JustLend in advance, the gas fee will be very low. You can refer to the tutorial: How to Obtain Energy through Staking or Leasing

5. Refresh the page when mint is complete to see your holdings.

6. You can also see your holdings by clicking on “My Tronscription” in the upper right corner under the address.