Welcoming TRON World Cup to APENFT Launchpad: $7,000 is up for Grabs!

2 min readNov 22, 2022

Dear users of APENFT Marketplace,

We are excited to announce the upcoming TRON World Cup on APENFT Launchpad.

Project information

TRON World Cup(TWC) is an NFT collection themed on the 2022 Qatar World Cup. This collection is closely integrated with the World Cup schedule, and has three ways to play at the same time: the national team’s blind box, the top 16 prize pool, and special edition NFTs.


TRON World Cup will sell a total of 600 NFT Mystery Boxes, each priced at 500TRX.

Release Date

November 25, 2022, 16:00 (UTC+8)

To celebrate the listing of TRON World Cup APENFT Marketplace launches the following promotions:

Promotion 1: $5 for every new user

New APENFT users who complete the promotion tasks (e.g. join APENFT communities, connect the wallet to APENFT Marketplace) are eligible to claim a $5 reward!

More details: https://gleam.io/iUeZE/5usdd

Promotion 2: Buy TRON World Cup to share a $2,500 prize pool

Users who have bought one or more Mystery Boxes in our Flash Sale before the promotion ends are eligible for a share of the prize pool.

● 40=< eligible users <80: evenly split a prize pool of $1000

● 80=< eligible users <100: evenly split a prize pool of $2,000

● 100=< eligible users: evenly split a prize pool of $2,500

Promotion 3: 20% off on TRON World Cup for Genesis NFT and NFTNYC badge holders

All users holding Genesis NFTs and NFTNYC badges (all rarity) can enjoy a permanent 20% off on Mystery Boxes of the TRON World Cup collection.

Promotion 4: Trade theTRON World Cup collection to win Genesis NFTs

During the promotion, the platform will randomly pick 20% (up to 20 users) of all the users whose trading volume in this project collection (excluding Mystery Box NFTs) reaches $1,000 and reward them with regular Genesis NFTs (the floor price is 4,200 TRX, equivalent to around $210).

Rules and Terms

a. When minting Genesis NFTs, users have a 20% chance of receiving an $NFT token airdrop worth $50.

b. Holders of Genesis NFTs are eligible for airdrops from APENFT projects and the chance of getting whitelisted for future public sales.

c. All rewards will be paid in USDD of equivalent USD value to winners’ TronLink wallets within ten working days after the promotion ends.

d. Holders of Genesis NFTs and NFTNYC badges need to purchase with the original price during the promotion and will receive cashback once their identity is verified.