Triple Rewards to Celebrate WIN NFT HERO’s Relaunch on APENFT Launchpad

3 min readApr 24, 2023


Dear users of APENFT Marketplace,

We are thrilled to let you know that WIN NFT HERO, a once-trendy project on APENFT Launchpad, is set to make a comeback soon.

WIN NFT HERO’s major version update is entering the final stage of preparation, or will officially meet with players at the end of April 2023. This WIN NFT HERO 2.0 will launch a brand new hero system, with more fun game scenarios, economic models and seasonal events and more in the future.

The new hero system introduced by WIN NFT HERO is one of the highlights of the big version update, which will add 19 new heroes on top of the original hero system. Since the new heroes have different attributes, skills and bonding effects, etc., this means that WIN NFT HERO will have more room for choice in terms of hero lineup strategy.

WIN NFT HERO will launch the new heroes blind box in APENFT Launchpad, the new heroes blind box will contain four new heroes.

Project Overview

WIN NFT HERO is a “GameFi+NFT” strategy game built on the TRON public chain. Players have full ownership of their in-game NFT assets such as heroes and equipment, all of which can be traded on the marketplace. We are committed to creating a TRON social metaverse featuring both “Free to Play” and “Play and ECO”.

In the TRON metaverse, anyone can play the game for free, sell their game items on the marketplace, and enjoy a wonderful time with people around the world. They can also purchase special heroes and equipment, earn rare resources by winning battles or through stake-mining, and trade their NFTs with adventurers from all over the world to feel the real charm of a play-to-earn game.

What do we sell

There will be 200 WIN NFT HERO mystery boxes up for sale, with each priced at 10 USDD💵. The mystery boxes are divided into three rarity levels: R level (160 boxes), SR level (36 boxes), and SSR level (4 boxes).

Where to buy

When to buy

April 26, 2023 at 12:00 p.m. (UTC)

We have prepared the following promotions for you to celebrate the relaunch of WIN NFT HERO🎁!

Promotion 1: Buy mystery boxes, share the $1,500 prize pool🎁

Users who purchase no fewer than two mystery boxes are eligible for the prize draw, where 40 winners will get an equal cut from the prize pool.

● 25=< eligible users <50: evenly split a prize pool of $500

● 50=< eligible users <75: evenly split a prize pool of $1,000

● 75=< eligible users: evenly split a prize pool of $1,500

Promotion 2: Buy mystery boxes, get free box airdrops🎁

Anyone who buys a WIN NFT HERO mystery box will have a chance to be airdropped another mystery box of the project.

(The boxes will be airdropped to five randomly picked winners.)

Promotion 3: Genesis NFTs for lucky secondary market traders🎁

APENFT will choose ten random winners from those who trade $500 or more in WIN NFT HERO’s project collection (NOT the mystery box collection) during the campaign and give each lucky winner a regular Genesis NFT (the floor price of which is 4,400 TRX, or ~$292).

Rules and Terms

a. When minting Genesis NFTs, users have a 20% chance of receiving an $NFT token airdrop worth $50.

b. Holders of Genesis NFTs will have the chance of getting airdrops from APENFT-listed projects and being whitelisted for future public sales.

c. All rewards will be distributed within ten working days.

d. All cash rewards will be paid out in USDD of the equivalent value.

Campaign Period

April 26, 2023 at 12:00 p.m.–May 4, 2023 at 12:00 p.m. (UTC)