Rules of Getting Genesis NFT Badges

  • Holders of TRON family tokens (NFT/TRX/BTT/JST/SUN/WIN)
  • Holders of WIN NFT HORSE and BAYC TRON
  • Users who traded on Poloniex in 2021 (excluding institutional accounts)
  • Affected users who lost their NFT tokens when transferring them to contract addresses
  • APENFT’s exclusive artist partners and blockchain developers
  • Friends from media or self-media at home and abroad who are interested in the TRON NFT ecosystem.
  • Regular: 9,000
  • Rare: 900
  • Epic: 90
  • Legendary: 10
  • Opportunity to get whitelisted for future public sales on APENFT Marketplace. The probability of securing a seat on the whitelist varies according to the NFT badge’s level. The higher the level, the higher the probability of getting whitelisted;
  • Opportunity to receive $50-$2000 worth of NFT token airdrops. Specifically, the 1800 regular NFT badge holders will receive $50 worth of airdrop, and the 180 rare badge holders and 18 epic badge holders will receive $200 and $2000 worth of airdrops, respectively;
  • Access to APENFT CV/Sandbox/DC virtual galleries, where users can appreciate world-class collections and participate in a wide range of metaverse-themed events;
  • Rights to co-govern APENFT Marketplace and vote on potential project listings;
  • Gifts from APENFT on special holidays.

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