Rules of Getting Genesis NFT Badges

5 min readMar 11, 2022


Genesis NFT Badge is an exclusive user identification on the APENFT Marketplace, which will be launched this April. The marketplace has prepared 10,000 Genesis NFT badges and is going to gift them to its active users and critical contributors. NFT badges will be distributed as gifts, and each eligible user may claim one badge only. After receiving the NFT badge, users may choose to sell it on the APENFT Marketplace at their preferred price. Once it is sold, users will no longer enjoy the corresponding rights that come with it.

Every Genesis NFT badge holder has the opportunity to receive airdrops from the APENFT Marketplace and to get whitelisted for future public sales. By giving rights and benefits to holders of NFT badges, we hope to build a TRON NFT community featuring win-win cooperation.

1. Who is the Genesis NFT badge for?

  • Holders of TRON family tokens (NFT/TRX/BTT/JST/SUN/WIN)
  • Holders of WIN NFT HORSE and BAYC TRON
  • Users who traded on Poloniex in 2021 (excluding institutional accounts)
  • Affected users who lost their NFT tokens when transferring them to contract addresses
  • APENFT’s exclusive artist partners and blockchain developers
  • Friends from media or self-media at home and abroad who are interested in the TRON NFT ecosystem.

Note: APENFT Marketplace will screen applicants based on their token holdings before gifting them the Genesis NFT badge. For more details, please refer to the criteria in Part 4 below.

2. Levels and quantity of the Genesis NFT badges:

The Genesis NFT badges are classified into four levels: regular, rare, epic, and legendary. A total of 10,000 badges are divided as follows:

  • Regular: 9,000
  • Rare: 900
  • Epic: 90
  • Legendary: 10

3. Main rights and benefits for Genesis NFT holders:

  • Opportunity to get whitelisted for future public sales on APENFT Marketplace. The probability of securing a seat on the whitelist varies according to the NFT badge’s level. The higher the level, the higher the probability of getting whitelisted;
  • Opportunity to receive $50-$2000 worth of NFT token airdrops. Specifically, the 1800 regular NFT badge holders will receive $50 worth of airdrop, and the 180 rare badge holders and 18 epic badge holders will receive $200 and $2000 worth of airdrops, respectively;
  • Access to APENFT CV/Sandbox/DC virtual galleries, where users can appreciate world-class collections and participate in a wide range of metaverse-themed events;
  • Rights to co-govern APENFT Marketplace and vote on potential project listings;
  • Gifts from APENFT on special holidays.

4: How to claim Genesis NFT badges?

Genesis NFT badges of different levels are gifted to users based on their token holdings on a first-come-first-served basis. At present, we are giving out only regular, rare and epic badges. Legendary badges are reserved for users and institutions who make significant contributions to the community.


1. How can users who have lost NFT tokens claim Genesis NFT badges?

Based on the value of lost NFT token plus the current holding value, users could apply to the corresponding rarity level Genesis NFT badge.

2. How can pre-registered users claim Genesis NFT badges?

NFT badges will be distributed to pre-registered users as per the number of friends they successfully invite within the specified time period after APENFT Club goes live. Those who invite more than 20, 100, and 1,000 actual users will be rewarded with regular, rare, and epic NFT badges, respectively.

3. How can media and KOLs claim Genesis NFT badges?

Media and KOLs who are interested in APENFT Marketplace can apply for NFT badges through our official channel. Applicants who have a certain number of followers on social media platforms (including but not limited to Twitter, YouTube, Medium, among others) and promote APENFT Marketplace or projects launched on it can receive NFT badges of different levels according to their contributions (contact us for detailed rules).

4. Can I claim multiple Genesis NFTs if I meet more than one requirement? If not, do I need to choose an NFT of a certain level that I want to have?

Users that meet more than one requirement will be able to claim the Genesis NFT of the highest applicable level.

5. What requirement should I meet to claim a Genesis NFT? How much do I need to hold to be a “whale”?

Holders of over $10,000 worth of TRON family tokens are eligible to claim a Genesis NFT. For details, please join us on Discord.

6. Can I transfer or sell one of my benefits to someone else if I do not need it? For example, I may not want to attend the Annual Charity Auction & Dinner or explore space.

All benefits are optional, and you can choose whether to accept them or not.

7. What is the APENFT VIP Club? Are its members randomly selected from users who are eligible for Genesis NFTs? Will I still enjoy the basic benefits if I am not in this club?

APENFT VIP Club is a community created for all Genesis NFT holders. People who meet the requirements can get a random Genesis NFT of the corresponding level, and all Genesis NFT holders, regardless of the NFT level, can join the APENFT VIP Club.

8. Will I be able to join the VIP Club in the future If I have missed this opportunity?

A total of 10,000 Genesis NFTs are given out to all eligible users free of charge, and no additional Genesis NFTs will be issued. You can view the number of available Genesis NFTs on the website of the VIP Club.

9. Can you give us some specific examples of platform governance and the referral program? How are the referral rewards calculated?

For rules of platform governance and the referral program, please follow APENFT Foundation on social media and visit our website, where we will announce the details.

10. What are the Annual Artist Gala and Annual Charity Auction & Dinner, and where can I find more details of these events? How can I benefit from these events?

The Annual Artist Gala and Annual Charity Auction & Dinner are hosted by the APENFT Foundation to connect artists, art collectors, and the blockchain industry. APENFT Foundation hopes to serve as a bridge between traditional art and blockchain and help to NFTize traditional artworks.

11. What do moderators and volunteers need to do to receive a Genesis NFT?

We will give away free Genesis NFTs to moderators and volunteers based on their performance.

12. How do you determine whether one’s asset is stolen on OpenSea?

We will determine whether an asset is stolen based on the requester’s social media posts and the on-chain transaction hash.

13. What is VIP Club’s whitelisting?

The VIP Club whitelisting refers to the eligibility of our VIP Club members to be whitelisted for other projects.

For more questions, please join our discord community to get more notifications!