Rules of APENFT Marketplace Developer Sprint

APENFT Marketplace’s testnet went live on March 31. As the world’s first art fund to achieve cross-collecting and connect traditional artists with the NFT market, APENFT aspires to establish a sound, well-rounded NFT market by funding and supporting ecosystems, in this way attracting more outstanding and innovative NFT developer teams to deploy their projects on TRON for wider adoption.

Driven by this ambition, APENFT Marketplace is kicking off the grand Developer Sprint, aiming to incentivize more original, quality project teams to get on board and help them build NFT projects from scratch so as to create a more diverse NFT ecosystem.

I. Launch Date: April 6, 2022

II. Prize Pool: $2 Million

III. Entrance Requirements

1. Product design

a. The project follows the latest industry trend with the potential to be a hit;

b. The project is developed by a team of skilled and efficient creators;

c. The project is mature and aesthetically attractive;

d. The team has quite a number of ready-to-go products;

2. Community & social media management

a. The team has a full-fledged social media and community landscape;

b. The team has the outstanding ability to run social media accounts and communities;

3. Development capacity

a. The team is capable of coding the project independently;

b. The team is capable of completing code to a good standard within a short development cycle;

Ⅳ. Five Assessment Criteria for the Sprint

1. The project is completed and meets all the entrance requirements

2. The website of the project is completed

3. The NFT smart contracts are deployed

4. Criteria for community/social media:

(1) Community:

a. Over 1,000 followers in total;

b. Over 300 weekly active users;

(2) Social media:

a. Over 2,000 followers on Twitter;

b. Original tweets (related to project progress): at least three tweets per week;

c. Interaction with APENFT’s official account: at least one retweet of APENFT’s official Twitter account per week;

5. The project team offers at least two suggestions or comments on how to improve user experience to APENFT per week.

Ⅴ. Reward Scheme

Ⅵ. How to Join

To join APENFT Marketplace Developer Sprint, you can either go to the APENFT Marketplace website ( and fill in the information on the “NFT Developers Sprint” page, or visit to fill in the information and follow the instructions to apply.

Ⅶ. Reward Distribution

After passing the review, teams will be rewarded based on their performance against the assessment criteria. Each team can receive no more than $20,000 in the testing stage.




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