How to Obtain Energy through Staking or Leasing

3 min readMar 9, 2024

The cost of gas fee can be greatly reduced by acquiring energy for NFT minting on the APENFT Marketplace. You can either stake TRX in your TronLink wallet to get energy, or you can do energy rentals on JustLend for a very low cost.

Below is a tutorial on both of these options, you can choose as needed:

I: How to stake TRX to obtain energy in the TronLink wallet?

  1. Open the TronLink wallet and click “Stake”

2. The page will redirect to the TRONSCAN browser. Click on “Get Energy”

3. Enter the amount of TRX to be staked, and click “Confirm” to complete the staking process.

4. After successfully staking, return to the wallet’s main page to view your Energy balance.

II: How to rent energy on JustLend?

  1. Click and connect your wallet, enter the amount and duration of the rental energy and click “Rent Now”.

2. The page will redirect to the signature page in the wallet, click on “Sign” to complete the rental. After that, it will show “Transaction sent, waiting for on-chain confirmation”.

3. To end the rental, click on “Energy Rental” on the left side of the page and click “End Now”, then follow the instructions on the page.

4. After ending your rental you can view the return details in your wallet assets by clicking on TRX. Find out more at: