Hanyu&Yua is about to launch on Launchpad — Join & win from a prize pool worth $10000!

4 min readNov 9, 2022


Dear APENFT users,

We are happy to announce that APENFT Launchpad’s new project Hanyu&Yua will be launched soon.

Project information

Hanyu and Yua is a lifestyle NFT project designed and developed by R Space studio. The project collection is initially set at 6,000 NFTs. The NFT image design is mainly Hanyu & Yua’s respective life photos, each of which has a unique appearance and characteristics that are randomly generated. At present, the studio has reached a strategic partnership with APENFT Marketplace, a subsidiary of TRON, and the collection will go on sale in early November. We hope to bring strong emotional value and a metaverse experience to more users by reshaping the image of infinite youth. We will release the ‘Hanyu & Yua Diary’ after the Hanyu & Yua public sale. All users who hold NFTs can write about Hanyu and Yua’s daily activities. This lets you create their future and shape their lives.

Sale Information

Hanyu and Yua will go live on the APENFT Marketplace Launchpad in early November. 6000 NFTs will be released: 3000 for Hanyu & Yua each. There will be 36 special edition NFTs linked to APENFT and TRON; users who claim these will be eligible for a Lucky Blind Box Cash Back Bonus. The Launchpad sale will be divided into two phases, namely the pre-sale and public sale phase. The pre-sale event will have 2000 NFTs; all users on the Whitelist will be eligible to free mint. The remaining 4,000 units will be sold for 80 TRX during the public sale, and NFT holders will have all rights.

Sale Link


In order to celebrate the launch of Hanyu&Yua, APENFT Marketplace will launch a Cashback activity. The event includes cashback for Mystery Box purchases, bonus prize pools, etc. The more you buy, the more chances you have of winning! The total prize pool is valued at $10000 How great is that!

Promotion 1: $5 for each eligible new user

New APENFT users who join our group and connect their wallets to APENFT Marketplace are eligible to claim a $5 reward!

Click here for more details: https://gleam.io/fW2zs/5-usdd-for-newcomers

Promotion 2: Buy Mystery Boxes to share a $2,500 prize pool

Users who have bought five or more Mystery Boxes in our Flash Sale when the promotion ends are eligible for a share of the prize pool.

Details are as follows:

50=< eligible users <100: evenly split a prize pool of $1,000

100=< eligible users <200: evenly split a prize pool of $2,000

200=< eligible users: evenly split a prize pool of $2,500

Promotion 3: APENFT X-Launchpad

As part of our APENFT X-Launchpad, there are ten unique Mystery Boxes. Users who open their Mystery Boxes and find the APENFT or TRON logo on the NFTs can get a reward of 500 TRX.

Below are the two unique Mystery Boxes out of the Thirty-six in total:

Promotion 4: Trade on Hanyu&Yua to win Genesis NFT

During the promotion, the platform will randomly pick 20% (up to 20 users) of all the users whose trading volume in project collections (excluding Mystery Box collections) reaches $1,000 and reward them with regular Genesis NFTs (the floor price is 4,900 TRX, equivalent to around $305).


a.This Promotion 2 is only effective for the public sale,the mint data during the pre-sale is not counted in the statistics.

b.Only users who open their Mystery Boxes and find the APENFT or TRON logo on the NFTs before November 22, 2022 at 15:00 UTC+8 will be rewarded with 100 USDD.

c.When minting Genesis NFTs, users have a 20% chance of receiving an $NFT token airdrop worth $50.

d.All rewards will be distributed within ten working days and will be paid in USDD of equivalent USDD value to winners’ TronLink wallets.

e.Holders of Genesis NFT users, who have been given whitelist status through the form, can freemint during the pre-sale after filling out the form, but do not enjoy the right to purchase at a 20% discount during the public sale.

Promotion Period

November 08 15:00–November 22 15:00 UTC+8