August’s APENFT (NFT) Airdrop to TRON Token Holders Has Concluded

August’s APENFT (NFT) airdrop to holders of TRON-family tokens (BTC, ETH, TUSD, TRX, BTT, and JST) and participants in TRON DeFi mining has been completed. All qualified addresses on the TRON blockchain, frozen or not frozen, can receive airdropped APENFT (NFT) in proportion to their holdings. Users are not required to take any additional action.

The snapshot was completed on August 10, 2021 at 12:00 (UTC) as scheduled. According to the result of the snapshot, the number of NFT tokens originally planned for this airdrop was 1,666,650,000,000, and the actual number of NFT tokens airdropped was 1,500,475,626,836. The TRON block height of 32705880 had been reached at that point in time.

The total amount and airdrop proportion of each currency upon the snapshot were as follows:

In terms of thresholds, only accounts with balances greater than or equal to 0.0002 BTC, 0.003 ETH, 7 TUSD, 100 TRX, 2000 BTT or 100 JST received NFT airdrop this time. The NFT has been airdropped from TTGyhRZxZRcDz4M1bBwrsiKkZNS2GRYfWn. This address will always be used for future NFT airdrops. If there are special circumstances that will require us to change the airdrop source address, we will make a public statement for this in advance.

Please note that the next airdrop is scheduled for September 10, 2021 at 12:00 (UTC). We are now in the first year of the APENFT (NFT) airdrop program. 1% of the total APENFT (NFT) supply is allocated for the airdrop in the first month of the project, while another 4% will be airdropped in the following two years (24 months), each month with the same amount.

As of now, exchanges and wallets that support APENFT (NFT) airdrops include Binance, Huobi, Lbank, Bibox, Bitrue, BitZ, Poloniex, BIKI, Digifinex, Jubi, Bitforex, imToken, HBTC/BHEX, Bithumb, Crex24, Newdex, Math Wallet, Upbit, etc.

To ensure that NFT can fully play its role as the governance token for APENFT (NFT), APENFT Foundation will honor its commitment to airdrop every single NFT token to qualified users. Therefore, we will not be able to airdrop NFT tokens to exchanges that have not declared support for NFT airdrop, or to addresses detected by our system to be hot wallets of exchanges.

Exchanges and wallets that have missed the first airdrop may apply to APENFT Foundation for a redistribution. They will be able to receive airdrops after they are reviewed and approved to be qualified exchanges and wallets to redistribute NFT tokens to users.

The following is a list of exchange addresses that will not receive this round of NFT airdrop and also the number of APENFT (NFT) to be airdrop to the TRON ecosystem BTC, ETH, TUSD, TRX, BTT, and JST Holders on the time of the snapshot. Snapshot time: August 10, 2021 at 12:00 (UTC).

APENFT’s official token contract address has been already deployed and released on multiple public chains:

Address on TRON: TFczxzPhnThNSqr5by8tvxsdCFRRz6cPNq

Address on Ethereum: 0xEF40B859D21e4d566a3d713e756197c021BffaAa

Address on Binance Smart Chain: 0x711D17c6EEE1Fa812db7A9e2EB9971e5D6252A05

Address on Huobi ECO Chain: 0xd2daf463cda501027cdf4a6d94749a72b8c7c72d

Note: It may take up to 72 hours to receive the airdropped tokens given a large number of tokens to be distributed. If your tokens are stored in exchanges and wallets that support our airdrop program, you can contact their customer service for help.

For airdrop questions, please contact
For technical integration, please contact

Note: APENFT Foundation reserves the right of final interpretation for this campaign. Rules and times of airdrops are subject to change.

APENFT Foundation
August 12, 2021



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