Announcement of the finalists of the Art Dream Fund’s inaugural open call

WMD Studio, Infinite Falling(2021) Digital animation. Courtesy the artist
Verdi Jackson, Disoriented Struggle Nirvana & Fantasy(2021), Copperplate etching, Courtesy the artist.
Kong, Duty of scalpels(2021). Digital illustration. Courtesy the artist.
Allyn Belfred,Home Base(2021)Blender,Courtesy the artist
Chengcheng Shi,New Language(2021)new media art,Courtesy the artist
Ron Guetta, By the Rivers of the Metaverse (2021). Generative video art. Courtesy of the artist.
HUIHUAN, Crossing the Multiverse•Prediction (2021), Program, Courtesy the artist.
Lil E,Revelation 2077(2021)Blender C4D Procreate Nomad,Courtesy the artist.
Pandalifa, Meta Human — 01 Projection(2021) Digital illustration and Music, Courtesy the artist
Jansword Zhu,Transenlight(2021)Short Animation, Courtesy the artist
RocketHand Studio,Massive memory(2021)Loop dynamic image/3D generative art,Courtesy the artist.
ZhangHui&ZhaoXuetong,Palace#1(2021) Unity,Courtesy the artist.




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